phone your eco-pledge to my landline at 508 752 7232

If you leave your cell number or email, I will send you a photo of your pledge

on a plastic piece and a photo of the final installation when it occurs.

See some of the initial pledges below.

I will advocate with my local grocery store to carry paperdetergents, like tru earth.

I will contact local town facilities recycle canisters to be moreaccessible in the community

I will continue to conserve our carbon footprint by walking, bicycling and car sharing
I will try not to wash certain clothes and towels as often to water and detergent usage

Control climate change

Support local farmers
Use natural soaps and detergents

Continue to raise awareness of family and friends re
climate change issues and action that help???

Reduce use of plastic bags by only purchasing composible bags or use paper bags.
No more plastic bags.
I will use cloth bags to store fruit and veggies in frig.
No more plastic bags.

Take cloth produce bags to store.
Buy no fleece clothing or items with plastic threads
I will no re-do my kitchen just because a realtor says it is dated
I will take plastic bags to store to re-use
I will glass containers instead of plastic bags

Find a laundry detergent that is not toxic to planet and is packaged appropriately, not Tide.
Support my local citizen’s climate lobby

Do research re purchasing an electric car

Reduce water waste
Buy better light bulbs
Let’s refuse to use and work to ban plastic like this
Giving up buying inflatable Trump dolls with “Kick me” on their rumps

Support local farms,
Buy organic at farmers’ market
Support my backyard habitat
Feed the birds
Contribute to Mass Audubon
Buy vintage and not new

Re-use, recover, restore, recycle Save me

I will do laundry less frequently and do bigger loads
The washing machine we use same amount of energy for large and small loads (source: Save on Energy)
I will stop using plastic bags from stores and use the ones I have

Reduce water waste.
Buy better light bulbs

Limit use of paper products
Switch to cloth table napkins
Use my bike and take public transportation and get rid of my car

Feed birds in plastic containers instead of discarding them

Echo friendly re-usable masks,
produce bags for fruits, veggies, potatoes when groecrery shopping

Siwtch re re-usable bottles instead of plastic to save on waste
I try to recycle many of the plastic containers before I decide to throw them in the recycling bins
I avoid buying packaged veggies and fruit
I re-use plastic bags for my trash in the kitchen and some twisters. I cut them into strips and weave them.

Find a green bank
Use my voting power more

Buy detergent i boxes
Use no single-use plastic

Use less plastic bags
My next car will be hybrid or EV

Hanniford Supermarkets pass on all soft plastics to a
manufacuturere who uses them in production

Find alternative to plastic laundry bottles. Found Tru Earth laundry strips
Guy glass only for olive oil, etc.
Try to give up my ziplock addiction

Use natural fertilizers in my garden and on indoor plants

Get a compost bin from city and regularly use it

No more paper napkins

I will stop using plastic straws

Use less plastic
Use re-usable wraps and bags

Create art
Become an activist
Reduce my footprint

I will give $300 of Oceana. Been meaning to for some time.

Walk to all stores at Tatnuck. No driving.
Turn light out on leaving a room.
Thermostat at 66-68 degree
No plastic water bottles
Hand shovel snow
Good exercise and reduce emissions
Bring bags to grocery stores
Scrap cars. Don’t leave running to defrost
Use all recyclable bags

Use metal straws

Use cloth napkins and cloth as rags instead of paper napkins and paper towels

Invest in companies which are developing improvements for electric cars

Switch to loose leaf tea from tea bags-waster reduction

Reduce waste overall.

Increase awareness of waste created.

I will use less plastic silverware and use more re-use

Start sustainable urban farms garden project

Give money to global non-profit groups

Reduceplastic waste by buying a water filter

Buy less bottles

Educate myself and my family about ways we can make small changes that have a big impact on health of our planet

I will explore electric cars for my next car purchase

I will not use as many plastic water bottles

Eat less.

Buy in bulk

Use relatable water bottles

Re-using disposable hand warmers by storing them in airtight containers

Use reusable bags in all stores.

Recycle and re-use single-use plastic bags

Advocate for eliminating singl-use plastic

to be continued…