Want Ideas?


Sally’s condo association voted not to pay the higher fee required for recycling. She will work to convince the condo association to reverse the policy.

Diane’s organizing another volunteer group to clean up Gardner, Massachusettes.

Brian will read Bill McKibben’s latest book.

Kim will join the group working to expand further the compost program in Portland, Maine.

Bob will make a more serious effort to save water when washing dishes.

Lynne will start using laundry detergent eco-strips, and encourage her friends to do the same.

Whitney says next time she has saved enough to invest in a stock, she’ll choose a sustainable one.

John will talk again with the Price Chopper manager about re-opening the externally located recycle section.

Kim promises to check out non-profit conservation groups and will give $50 to the one she chooses.

John will read the New Yorker article re South Korea’s composting program and, this time, figure out how he could help effect composting improvements where he lives.

Sue will watch “I Am Greta” documentary, that she has been meaning to watch.

Jon says he has little time, has been meaning to contribute to the Oxbow Wildlife Association in Sudbury, Massachusettes, for a long time. Will give $300.

Josh will get better at turning off lights when not in a room.




Decrease air travel

Use public transportation

Decrease meat and dairy consumption

Keep home energy levels low

Eat local foods

Buy second hand goods

Be mindful of energy consumption

Support local businesses

Avoid being eco-fooled

Plant the Seed Climate Change Group, Portland, ME